Danica Wallenberg


Danica Wallenberg grew up in a household that was not in support of having guns of any kind in the home whether for protection of for hunting so she was really disturbed just like many others when the incidences of children getting access to guns hit the spotlight. It did not only upset her but she started to wonder how the children could get access so easily and then use the gun not only to harm themselves but to harm others as well.
As a result of this she along with the help of her friends decided to put a book together outlining the current happenings on gun control as well the constitution itself and how it may be affecting the entire process.
Danica is aware that it is a rather controversial topic and as such is not pushing one opinion or the next on the reader. She simply presents things as they are and leaves the reader to make the decision at the end of it all as to whether or not they are for gun control or against it. The book is easy to read and extremely informative. In such a volatile time like this, this situation has to be solved.


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