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Smashwords book reviews by Danie Cutter

  • Harold Finn - Ninja Warrior "The Warrior Within" on Sep. 12, 2011

    I wish they did half stars... would like to give it 3.5 I enjoyed this book, it was a good story but for my liking seemed to finish mid way through. It's always good to leave the reader wanting more but this to me felt more like half a book rather than leaving open for a sequel. Having said that, it's a very readable book with enjoyable and identifiable characters. I was easily engrossed and straight into the plot. As a YA novel am not sure how it would sit as the characters are older that the "typical YA reader" and if they do identify with these characters then maybe the book could have held their attention as a longer novel (Back to my original point). But that is really my only downside to the book, well worth a read, but maybe wait for the sequel and read as one!
  • Living through Hope! on Sep. 12, 2011

    Not my usual genre but an enjoyable read none the less. The story of Bridget follows history as it happens and is descriptive and detailed enough to paint the surroundings and happenings as she experiences them. The telling of the tale occasionally seems to separate a little too much between the doing and thinking but this is a minor criticism and does not distract from the flow of the book. Indeed in places it is quite appropriate, such as the long journeys where such separation is fitting as the distinction between long travels and hard work to the rare quiet moments when minds could turn inward. The story in the Black Country gains momentum and it is here where the author and reader really get stuck into the tale. This may be due to a greater experience of the locale or just that the story is apace compared to the previous travelling. A good debut novel, well worth a read!
  • Vampires Rule on Nov. 28, 2011

    A good solid book with a slightly different take on the vampire genre, nice to have characters that are not all fawning over each other and how wonderful vampires/werewolves are! This is immensely readable, the writing flows and I'd always read far more than I though I had time for. The characters are understandable and identifiable, all in all an enjoyable read. The only negative was that I found the plot a bit predictable, in fact towards the end where it appeared a double cross was to be discovered it wasn't as sizeable as a twist could or should have been. I would probably read the next, if I'm not being shouted at for other books but will still be hoping for that huge double cross that in my opinion was missing from this one.