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Hello, Equus21 here! I like to think of my writing style as sort of in the style of those English books your teacher might force you to read if you’re in high school, I love detailed writing and inspirational stories about hope, love, helping others and heroism, most of the time-however-they’re hopefully a bit more ‘action packed’ and interesting! LOL!
My favorite authors are Richard Adams, Michael Morpurgo, Stieg Larsson, and Taylor Stevens. Once and a while, I’ll write a thriller or something a bit more dark or depraved.

My films are usually psychological thrillers, since it is my favorite film genre-I think a lot can be done with these types of movies, I love working with actors-but I also sometimes make films with my extensive collection of ‘action figures’-trying to emulate a cinematic style for stories I can not tell with ‘real life actors.’ I make these films often, and while they may not be for everyone-I truly do love making figure films. My favorite filmmakers are David Fincher, Martin Rosen, Terrence Malick, Werner Herzog, Ridley Scott and Tim Burton. I also film things I find interesting, amusing or just great!
Like with my writing, talking / anthropomorphic animals are a big part of my storytelling, I find animals beautiful, fascinating and extremely unique.

When I’m not writing or filmmaking, I take singing lessons from the great Dan Barrenechea, I try to sing at least twice a week. My favorite singer is Stevie Nicks, she inspired me to take singing lessons in the first place actually.
I am a movie buff, a Brony and I read about animals and I take naps. My favorite superhero is Rocket Raccoon, my favorite fictional character is Black Beauty the horse.

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