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Smashwords book reviews by Dannneaux

  • Two Shorts (High Fidelity & Christmas Oratorio) on April 17, 2012

    Christmas Oratorio and High Fidelity are two tiny shorts written with an economy of words and a surfeit of meaning. In "Oratorio", Jute draws the reader into his scenes with a delicious sense of literary voyeurism, conspiratorial asides, and delightful digressions for insight to the true meaning of Christmas in a small Irish town. "Fidelity" is a well-crafted tale of dawning horror almost Haikulike in its lean, spare wording. Like any good mystery, all the clues are there and Jute plays fair with the reader. He asks, "Mmm, on Christmas, do you really want to know what happened?" A late-night read for any other day. Reading these is time (only a little) well-spent.