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  • The Men's Club on Sep. 11, 2012
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    Once again Mr. Lindsay has created a novel that explains why I drop everything else whenever I see a new book on the site. The Men's Club is full of the typical wonderful Drew Lindsay characters, plotting, scenery and just downright fun that has been the mainstay of all of his books. Ben Hood is a charismatic and mysterious character that is extremely easy to enjoy reading about. He does and says things we wish WE could do or say, but that most book characters won't. The character of Ben Hood is similar to Lee Child's 'Jack Reacher' in his mannerisms, speech and straightforwardness. The fact that he can also create great carnage in righting a wrong doesn't hurt the comparison either. But in many ways... Hood is one up on Reacher. He has reoccurring characters that we come to know and love almost as much as we do Hood. Congratulations, Drew, on a extremely well written book... again! Please, however, write faster. One hour after finishing Men's Club, I am now anxiously awaiting the next Ben Hood installment!
  • Blood Feud on Nov. 25, 2012
    (no rating)
    Wow!! Just finished Blood Feud, the 3rd installment in the continuing (Lord... let this be!)adventures of Tess Fuller. Of the three books, this one is definitely the best of the lot, although I am not taking anything away from the first two... they were great too. The author, JD Nixon, has perfected the 'from the frying pan into the fire into the kettle into the fire into the frying pan etc.' scenario with adroit skill. But it never gets tedious or convoluted and this is a breath of fresh air compared to most authors who try this style of writing. I am not going to go into the storyline for fear of throwing in a spoiler by accident, but what I will say is that there are two primary subplots. One being the prison escape of Red Bycraft, the scum of the Earth, that Tess and her partner Sargent Finn Maguire, captured in a previous novel. Close calls, and even closer near death experiences happen through out the novel. The second subplot involves a barefooted mystery man who is terrorizing the burg of Little Town and causing all kinds of things to happen. Both subplots are extremely well told and you can envision everything as if you were off behind a tree watching all the happenings. Twists and turns galore, this is one book that, if you have read no other books in the series, will easily propel you into hitting your local eBook store to pick the others up immediately following your perusal of the last page. Some who have already read the previous novels, I am sure, are already halfway through reading them once again. JD Nixon is just one of the reasons that self-publishing is taking off and will usurp the 'power' of the printed novels if they aren't careful. She quickly became one of my favorite authors of 2012 and I read 150-200 books a year which encompasses a whale of alot of authors with different styles, formatting and basically ... storytelling. If you are considering the purchase of this exemplary novel, do so! I assure you that you will soon be a devout fan of Nixon's Little Town series, as well as of her other series, 'Heller'. Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!