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  • The Promise on Sep. 27, 2012

    This book was actually quite nice! I'll give it 3.75 stars I found the prologue and the epilogue an amazing touch, it made the story seem like a fable or something. Actually, they were my favourite parts! Now, there were a few problems with this book. First of all, I found at least ten punctuation mistakes, mainly missing out commas. There may have been more than comma mistakes, but I didn't catch them. This was not only the fault of the author, but the editor as well, so please, Miss Chant, hire a better editor next time! Note, the mistake was also partly Miss Chant's, but authors are usually so immersed in their writing that they may forget at times. Besides this, there wasn't really any other problem. The problem lies with me. When I started this book, I expected this to be mainly romance, and I did enjoy the romance aspects. However, I found the other parts, like the battle, and the chapters focused on Finan, very boring. This was a forty-sixty mistake. Mainly me, because I don't like such stuff, but also the author for not trying to make it more interesting. If it would have been more interesting, I would have liked it more. I know because I've read boring books that are written so well that they manage to interest me. Sixty percent my fault, forty percent the author's. Otherwise, I enjoyed the book I just wish there had been more romance. My fault, again! Mostly...