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Smashwords book reviews by Gabriel the Dark

  • Abusing Cynthia: The Lesbian Slave Collection on Jan. 23, 2012

    Not bad, though I wish it were longer and that there were no incorrect words. By incorrect words I mean "the" when the author means "they" or "then." This book could have used some more proofreading. As far as the story, it is hot in places, but in the last chapter, immersion is somewhat damaged when a naked, leashed woman is abused by a passerby, rather than an attempt being made to help her. It seems the story takes place on an alternate Earth where sex slavery is relatively common, even out in public.
  • Excerpts from a Sex Slave's Diary on July 03, 2012

    This one surprised me. It is a little disjointed in the beginning but moves to being a story about a live-in nanny who happens to be sexually subservient to the household. I like how the characters recognize the so called 'sex slave' is an adult woman who chose this life and there is an odd dynamic between her and the women of the house especially. I actually wish there were more characterization and less over the top sex, because that is what makes me want to read more in this series.