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Ever since third grade when I discovered the electric thrill of transferring thoughts in my head into words on paper, writing has been at the center of my life. I write to make sense of my experiences, discover what I think, and to hear the Spirit speak. I write for therapy and comfort and to record the deepest feelings of my heart. Most importantly, I write to share revealed insights and my witness of Christ’s healing power in our lives.

As a young mother, when I received my first acceptance letter from a church magazine I experienced pure joy! When my sister and I watched pages of our book To Parents with Love roll off the press I felt I had found my purpose. Later we started Latter-day Woman magazine, which provided my first job as a managing editor. That experience proved a great boon, opening doors for me when divorce necessitated full-time work. As managing editor of two publishing companies and later free-lancing, I’ve enjoyed editing more than 200 inspirational books.

I love writing even more than editing! Since 2002 I’ve written regularly for Meridian Magazine online--about 300 of my articles have been posted so far--and since 2007 I’ve written for and edited a publication for seniors. I’ve also written books! I’ve received heart-warming responses from many of you, my friends across the globe. We share life’s challenges, trials and joys, and nothing makes me feel better than to know that having the courage to share my life has somehow lightened your load.

My most soul-satisfying projects have been pulling together vital experiences and spiritual discoveries into books, the first titled Trust God No Matter What! Building that kind of trust has been my spiritual lifeline in times of extreme adversity, such as the one that prompted my book After My Son’s Suicide: An LDS Mother Finds Comfort in Christ and Strength to Go On. My books are as personal as my journal; I invite you to visit my website darlaisackson.com, and check them out. Click on the “surprise me” pages, and peek at the introduction and contents pages as well. You’ll get a sense of why my books are different, as well as glimpses of the answers, comfort, and reassurance they offer.

I feel a kinship with all those who, like me, are yearning to better understand and live Christ’s gospel and to claim His promises. Come, share my journey!

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After My Son's Suicide
Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 65,140. Language: English. Published: September 12, 2012. Categories: Nonfiction » Psychology » Suicide
Are You Grieving a Suicide? Do Questions Abound? • Where is my loved one now? • What happens in the spirit world? • Can a person repent after death? • How can I forgive? • What do I do with my feelings of failure, anger, hurt, and blame? • Can I ever get over the grief? • How can the Atonement help me to heal? These Questions and More Are Addressed in This Landmark First-person Story.

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