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There's a toyshop in Kota Kinabalu, Borneo that I walk past every day. It always catches my eye as the shop logo is a giant 1950's toy robot. It's an iconic design and always brings back happy memories of the classic sci-fi films I grew up watching when I was a child in the UK.

One day I was returning home after a day-trip to one of the tropical islands a short hop away from Kota Kinabalu (I'm lucky enough write on the beach) when I saw the toy robot logo. Something clicked in my mind and I realised I wanted to write a story that married my love of all things robotic with this wonderful exotic country that was my new home. The result was Destroy All Robots, the first in a six book series.

I'd love to hear your thoughts if you've read the book. If you'd like to get in touch, please email me at admin@destroyallrobots.co.uk or leave a comment on my website www.destroyallrobots.co.uk.

Being such a science fiction and horror film nut, I used to make my own Super 8 movies with my brother Nick. I managed to make the transition from fan to professional about ten years ago when I was commissioned by The Film Consortium to write Soul Hunters, a human cloning sci-fi thriller. Since then I've made a living as a screenwriter with over fifteen screenplays under my belt. My dream of seeing my own movie on the big screen* came true when my horror comedy Cornered! starring Steve Guttenberg came out a couple of years ago.

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If you believe your friends would enjoy Destroy All Robots, I'd be honoured if you'd post your thoughts on Twitter or Facebook.

If you feel particularly strongly about the book I'd be eternally grateful if you posted a review here on Amazon. The opportunity to write the next book in this six book series depends entirely on the success of Destroy All Robots, so any help getting the word out is very much appreciated.

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* When I say "big screen" I'm referring to the 60 inch plasma HD TV in the corner of my living room, as unfortunately Cornered! went straight to DVD hell.

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