Smashwords book reviews by Dasoda

  • Invisi-Watch Incest 01, Invisi-Fucked The Maid on Jan. 09, 2021

    Kind of a Sci-fi twist, or more like a gift from a Leprechaun. Interesting short story or first chapter. I'll probably buy the series. At "Free" it was a fair price.
  • Invisi-Watch Incest Collection, The Complete Story on Jan. 10, 2021

    I got the first book about Invisi-duck The Maid cheap or may be free. Don't remember. It was a good introduction, so I went back and bought the Bundle. Still a bargain. Main complaint is...it ended too soon! The Sci-Fi/Magic element was cute, as was the take off "The Invisible Man". The story development was well handled. I like the 'dubious consent' element, along with the incest (although I never felt that way about my Mother and 8 only have a brother), rape and BDSM. I look forward to more stories about our Invisible Man. Possibly Emily contacting him about a return match or two. Perhaps his women folks wanting him to come back permanently?.
  • Oedipus Milf Club - The Complete Series on Jan. 13, 2021

    I really enjoyed the stories, including the supernatural epilogue. The whole scenario is handled well and more importantly, is almost entirely believable. I don't harbor any incestuous thoughts about my mother, although I have definitely incestuous thoughts about my step-daughter adult granddaughters. Several of my greats are hitting their teens and sparking my interest. Nothing will happen though. Not because of my morals, but physical disabilities. My only complaint is the author's predilection for tiny or small framed women with 'original equipment' gigantic breasts! Little Tittied Tarts are worthy as well.
  • Daddy's Daughter Forced to Fuck Horses and Dogs on Jan. 28, 2021

    Interesting, but totally unrealistic when it comes down to animal/ physiology. Horses don't 'knot'. Dogs do.The penis of a full size horse would kill a human woman. Shetland pony or burro/small donkey is about maximum a human can handle, after serious size trainimg. Still if you want fantasy fucking and ignoring reality, go for it. BTW I've already talked to the author about it. She said I was the only reader to ever complain about the lack of reality.
  • Blackmailing Mom and Sis into Sex on Jan. 28, 2021

    Good believable mom/son & brother/sister incest. At the last it hinted at another three way book to come. When it comes to sex, the author really shines!
  • Oops! I Impregnated My Mom! on Jan. 29, 2021

    Good read. Pretty straightforward sex. Oral, anal & vaginal. Mom wants to screw and get impregnated by son. Bingo! She's knocked up and the fuckfest continues in over drive. Overall fairly believable.
  • Oops! I Impregnated My Mom! Part 2 on Jan. 29, 2021

    Good read and good sex. Two more characters enter the story, Andrew & his mother Vicki are also doing it. Andrew is John's childhood BFF. For most of the book it's just two couples screwing, moms loving their sons, then Vicki gets knocked up as well. Roght towards the end the two moms get together and enjoy a little lesbian/bisexual action. They discuss swapping partners and even getting pregnant by other woman's son. Leaves me wondering if there's a 3rd book coming
  • Oops! I Impregnated My Mom! Complete Series on Jan. 29, 2021

    Seriously bummed out. This "Complete Series" is no more than books 1 & 2! My fault i guess, but id really hoped for it to be 1,2 & 3 with book three going further. Swapping partners, the boys trying bisexuality, after the babies are born the boys impregnanting each other's mothers and so on. Oh well...Still well written vanilla incest and mini-orgy. Could've been so m7ch more and better
  • Mother Son Incest | A Forbidden Birth | Conception Pregnancy Birth on Jan. 29, 2021

    Good read. Solid sex, although other than the incest, pretty vanilla. Some repeat themes, but overall p, well written.
  • Dominating Family Part 1 - 4 on Jan. 29, 2021

    Weird. Ancient ring found in a book gives strange powers to influence the minds of Marcus, his 4 sisters & mother. The thing is, the ring seems to be controlling Marcus as much as the women in the household. Strange little book/series.
  • Forced To Be My Mafia Daddy's Fucktoy - The Complete Series on Jan. 30, 2021

    Not sure what Cozen was bitching about. While it wasn't Stasia's best work, it was still good. Too short for the price, but otherwise fairly well written. The whole idea that a Russian 'Mafia' would be creating an alliance with the Italian 'Mafia' to attack Chinese sex traffickers didnt make much sense, nor that the two 'Dons' were half-brothers, yet one spoke English with a 'strong Russian accent'. Or that Carlotta's brother's name was Rhys... but thats just nit picking. Like I said, not her best work and really too short for the price, but not bad
  • Broken Family Incest - The Complete Series on Feb. 02, 2021

    Book (complete series) was too short, but we'll written and mostly believable. 3 generation incest, rape, lesbianism, breeding & pretty vanilla BDSM. . A worthwhile read. I have several of Stasis Grey's books and the sex is pretty good.
  • Insatiable Siblings: All Grown Up A Novel on Feb. 07, 2021

    This is not *JUST* a fuck book. It is well written story about a Mother, her two daughters and two sons. You really need to read "Insatiable Siblings" FIRST to enjoy this followup. It's a really GOOD read about a family deeply involved in incest. Of course, none of the incest starts until the characters hit that magic 18th birthday. (Pretty stupid since most case of incest starts well before 18 ) And the sex is great! Of course all the guys have big dicks, the gals all have tight pussies and assholes, lot of squirting ejaculation. Good bit of girl-on-girl and two girls - one guy or two guys- one girl but zero boy-on-boy action. The two books rank 5 stars each, but like I said they are NOT just fuck books, although there's no shortage of sexual activity. I'll be re-reading these!
  • Spank Me, Choke Me, Take Me! on Feb. 08, 2021

    Really a great great read. Sex was outstanding...but the book was too damn short! It would barely make a chapter. I should have checked the word count before I bought it because now I feel cheated.
  • Older Men and Sexy Women on Feb. 08, 2021

    Great sex. Thin on the characters involved. A good two chapters, but hardly what I consider a "bundle" frankly, no matter how good the material was, i feel cheated. It could have been a great book, instead of a piss-anr short story. Nothing but a cockteaser IMO. So five stars for what was there. One star for what it should have been. Average 3 stars.
  • Training My Sister-in-Law Vol. #1: The Seduction on Feb. 09, 2021

    Decent start. Whole situation not quite what I was expecting (No BDSM, dub consent). Sex wasn't all that good. One BJ..
  • Training My Sister-in-Law Vol. #3: Bring Your Friends! on Feb. 10, 2021

    Rather than do six book reports, let this stand for #2-#6. Fanfuckingtastic! My 9nly regret is that all total, there was probably less than 50k words. I can only imagine what this would have looked like stretched out another 100k words. I say this because the plot was kinda rushed. I'd have lije to see mire character development, more scenarios. This was NOT plain vanilla, but it didn't make me gasp and grab my crotch ever 5 minutes either. So good work! I'll be following you in future Charles Markwell..
  • The Definitive Daddy and Older Man Bundle: 40 Stories on Feb. 20, 2021

    I get tired of these bundles of 3-4 page short stories. Some pretty good, some not so good and finally some were a waste of my time. I wouldn’t buy it again
  • Insatiable Siblings on Feb. 24, 2021

    One of the absolutely best stories of incest I've ever read.. It was a Romantic Incest rather than a fuckbook .His incest reasoning makes logical sense other that the stupid "must be 18h nonsense". Statistically incest victims either start in infanthood or most frequently around puberty.. other than the break in logic, its very well done. My first 5 star review
  • Always a Mommy's Boy on Feb. 24, 2021

    Like all the von Haffuen stories this is Romantic erotic incest. The author's charecters arecwell filled out and make logical decisions in an unlogical situation. Another one of my 5 star reviews.
  • The Boss Series (Volumes 1-4) on March 09, 2021

    Great book! Great story. Romantic,, yet erotic as well. This is NOT a fuck book, but a really good book. A one night stand creates ripple that don't reach the shore for 6 years.
  • Maid for Breeding on March 18, 2021

    Nice fantasy but I found it unbelievable. Not much sexual activity in 28 pages. Bunch of talk about extensive piercings, branding etc.