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Dave Gamboa currently resides in the Inland Empire, California, where he enjoys writing and the great outdoors. He grew up in Los Angeles where he worked in the film and music industry for over twelve years and reading scripts was part of what he did, which is what eventually led to his writings.
While working in the entertainment industry he had the priviledge of working with various actors and artists such as, Earth, Wind and Fire, Patrice Rushen, Brenda Russel, Debbie Allen, Keenan Ivory Wayans, Damon wayons, Richard Dean Anderson, and martial arts superstar Jet Li,to name a few.
Facinated by the movie industry and a big fan of science-fiction, horror, and the unexplained, he decided to put together a series of stories that would not only entertain, but keep you on the edge and wondering what will happen next. His short stories from "Tales of a Lucid Dreamer," which were newly revised July 2013, were written for anyone who enjoys the strange and bizarre, fantasy, or the otherworldly. The Night They Came," a sci-fi adventure thriller, is his second book and was completely revised November 2012—Check it out!
His latest project "Wicked Mountain: The Forbidden Zone," his most involved book and based on one of his short stories, was in Sci-Fi Magazine's August 2012 issue, page thirteen. It was by a producer who said it was a Very Interesting read. When he's not writing he enjoys the books of James Patterson, Dean Koontz, Dan Brown, Heather Graham, and the stories of Mr. Ray Bradbury, whom he had the pleasure of meeting at one of his speaking engagements in 2007. An awesome man to have met.
Dave Gamboa is a member of the California Writer's Club, Inland Empire Branch, since 2005, and participates in speaking events, readings, and meets "special guest authors" who share thier knowledge of the industry. Dave also meets with the Poets and Writer's yearly Round Table meetings for updates on the literary world.

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