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  • How to Buy and Maintain a Used Car; For the Non-mechanical Person on Jan. 09, 2011

    Even though I know a little about cars, I wanted some kind of a reference guide when I bought my used car, so I bought the book, and I’m glad I did. It taught me things I didn’t know and reminded me of some things I did know but had forgotten, or never really understood. It’s full of handy tips that are easy to understand and easy to use when buying a car. Some things I learned from this book: 1) Cars depreciate 40% in the first 36mo. Knowing this I will focus my search on cars that are about 3 years old. 2) Intermittent hard or sharp pulsations from the exhaust are a sign of trouble. This is a simple test. 3) The “check engine” light on the dash board signals a problem in the engine. When this occurs, a mechanic can retrieve a code using an electronic device thus enabling him to determine the exact problem. 4) The brake pedal wear patterns can tell you something about the good or bad driving habits of the seller. 5) How to easily detect broken motor mounts. 6) A car can actually wear out sooner if you let it warm up in the morning rather than driving immediately! Wow, this surprised me. 7) Tire pressure should be measured when the car is cold. If measured after driving you get an artificially elevated tire pressure reading. 8) Tires actually have a shelf life, that is, they can “expire” before they are used for the first time…and how to read the expiration date on the tire. How cool, I never knew this. This book is a two thumbs up!! I highly recommend. The price is right and it’s packed full of easy to follow tips…even for the man that knows everything about cars…like me:)