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For more than ten years, Quiet Heart Press has provided a free reading room on the internet. The reading room is visited by many people all around the world every year. Inspirational poetry, prose, and short articles on numerous subjects, as well as a few full-length books, are available without cost to any visitor.

Quiet Heart Press is neither a business nor a hobby for me; it is a part of my heart I open up to you. This is a place to find some peace and rest in your busy day. Quiet Heart dares to search dark corners of broken hearts ... to touch weary souls ... to speak of hope, and trust, and faith. You are welcome there.

Quiet Heart also offers a selection of printed and electronic books (eBooks) for purchase. Most of these books are mine. Novels, commentary, inspirational writing, prophecy studies, and children's books are available.
in all my work: David A. Duke. Anything else you find or read that does not match all these facts is not by me.

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