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Hello, my name is David Ferrers. During the twenty five or more years that I have been a self-realisation coach (someone who assists people to become what they can become) I have helped thousands of people. They have come from many different walks of life. My task has been to enable them to discover their own sense of purpose and meaning so that they can release all the happiness, courage, confidence and power that has lain dormant within their beings. Now it’s your turn to unlock your potential for enjoying your life to the full.

The purpose of my writing is simple. It is to enable you to feel happy, liberated, courageous, confident and powerful, AND to feel good about yourself whilst you grow into the person you always wanted to be. The secret to making any transformation is to discover your personal answers to some basic questions. The issue for most people is that they don’t know what questions to ask. I didn’t either when I started on my personal quest for my unique way to express who I am. The questions have emerged over many years as I have worked with clients to help them discover the powers that have lain dormant within them throughout their lives.

There is a better way to look for the answers. When you discover those answers they act like a transformer; it’s as if someone has just switched on the lights in the darkened room of your mind; your whole being is suddenly flooded with confidence, power, courage and happiness. Once you breech the dam that is holding you back all these good feelings just burst out from within you.

Can you imagine how good your life will be when you overcome your fears with courage, when you face intimidating people and situations with confidence, when you find within yourself the power to overcome any challenge, when you feel liberated, when you pass your days in a haze of happiness?

You were born to be happy, courageous, confident and powerful - so, what happened? Did you somehow manage to lose these important feelings somewhere along the road of life? No, it’s not your fault. The feelings got submerged beneath a welter of instructions given to you during the early years of your life by people upon whom you depended and whom you trusted - your parents and teachers. They did not mean you any harm; they were doing what they thought was best for you. The way to understand what happened is like this: you are by nature curious, you like to explore, but when you explored as a small child you were often told, “don’t do that,” or simply “no!” You got the idea that certain actions were wrong and punishable. So you stopped exploring - you became risk averse and weary of authority figures.

Your nervousness was made worse by the education system. You are a child of the Post Industrial Period who was brought up using Industrial Period training. What happened was that during the century starting in about 1760 man invented machines which revolutionised our way of life. Millions of people left the land and went to work in factories. This created a massive demand for training people in new skills and disciplines. Schools were set up to teach mathematics, engineering and sciences. At the same time people had to be disciplined to turn up for work on time and to work the rigid hours demanded by shift patterns. The abilities to pass exams and behave in disciplined ways became the Gods of society. The beliefs became established that people should be trained to be a certain way and that being that way was “good”. You are a victim of the beliefs that were grooved into you by “the system”, your parents and your schools. They taught you to be the way you are now.

The problem is that the training that “the system” instilled in you is rigid. It is a one-size-fits-all straight jacket. It made you think that you should be a conformist, that you should think and behave in the ways that “the system” demands of you. It has not allowed you to develop as the unique, creative individual that you are. When you’ve been disciplined in the ways of “the system” it is common to feel constrained, unable to find a way to express yourself. You are doing your best to comply with a system and to live your life in a way that does not feel right for you. It’s just not natural for you. You are not alone, just about everyone on the planet has been indoctrinated in this rigid way and now finds that the workplace which reinforces the rigid disciplines of “the system” makes them feel constricted.

So the question then is: “how do I release myself from the chains of other people’s idea of how I should be and become the happy, confident, independent and powerful person that I would love to be?”

The answers this and many more of your questions are in my books.

Why writing because I spent too much of my own life trying to please other people, worrying about what other people might think. This is a ridiculous thing to have done. Why be concerned about what other people think or by the threat of consequences that might happen? They probably won’t happen. Why not simply be concerned about how to enjoy the experience of life. That way you may occasionally influence what other people think, but you don’t need to worry. The key to happiness is simply to be your self, not to try to be someone that you’re not, not to be concerned about what other people might think - to simply groove along doing your own thing. It took me a long time to discover this and I was in a lot of pain for much of the time that I was trying to be someone that I am not. Eventually I learned how to break free and express myself.


What Clients Say About David

“David is a most astute and exceptionally motivating coach with great personal and professional integrity. For somebody with such depth of experience, he is remarkable in his continuing quest for learning about leading a balanced life.” 
Lucian J. Hudson, Director of Communications, The Open University

“Having David as a coach has made a significant impact to my personal and professional development. His thoughtful, sincere and inspiring attitude enabled me to change the way I think.”
Jane Sutton, Associate Director Strategy and Development, RBI

“I've worked with David in the context of his NLP coaching and training and I am deeply impressed with the level of humility combined with deep competence that he brings to his work.”
Gene Early, PhD, Early Leadership Solutions

“I was coached by David during a time that I was managing a very challenging project. David's approach and help made a big difference.”
Matt Bye, CTO, eporta

“David's coaching was a life changing experience which produced profound effects in both my work and personal life. David understands people very well, particularly the workings of the human mind, and is able to explain your emotions and help you control them whilst giving you the confidence and direction to achieve your goals.”
Bob Stark, Commercial Director, Portafina

“I've attended a few courses on developing 'soft skills' and, to be honest, I've gotten very little value from them. That was certainly not the case when working with David! My view on things and myself has been completely transformed. I am grateful for his insight and help.”
Chad Macey, Principal Architect, RBI

“As a coach, David has the life experience, knowledge, empathy and understanding to listen, guide and mentor. You have the answers inside yourself. David will help you to find them.”
Andy Pandini, Actor

“David is a fantastic coach. If you want someone to make you and your managers think, to really make a difference, look no further.”
Oliver Burns, Group Product and Traffic Director, Totaljobs Group

“David’s coaching has fundamentally changed the way I think, and therefor act. I appreciate David’s sincere and open style. Although I’m an extremely private person, his relaxed self confidence put me at ease from the start. This was crucial – else I might not have benefitted from the coaching at all. He doesn’t let me get away with anything, yet he’s always positive and supportive which sets a great example for a young professional. Recently I attended one of his day-long workshops and I learned techniques which I could implement the very next day to stunning effect. From little tricks like breaking state to big things like setting well-formed outcomes, his coaching has really taken me from competent professional to confident executive.
Tom Van Aardt, Head of Technology – Flightglobal

“I have thoroughly appreciated David’s encouragement, thoughtfulness, generosity, wisdom, kindness and astuteness. David has helped me be clearer about my direction and grasp new opportunities. Working with him has left me feeling uplifted and re-energised. He has the ability to see things from a perspective that is thought provoking and refreshing. Thank you David!”
Gale Vincent

Smashwords Interview

What is the greatest joy of writing for you?
It is to know that more people will benefit from what I have learned about the benefits of personal development. Up to now I have only been able to help those whom I coach face to face or at my occasional workshops. Although I have coached over 1,000 people that is just a drop in the ocean of all the people who can benefit from the coaching and NLP techniques that I have developed to help people with issues like confidence, career direction, self-discovery and public speaking.
What do your fans mean to you?
One of my main motivations in becoming a coach was to help people with the issues which bugged me in the early years of my life. For instance I struggled to discover how to express myself, I didn't know what I was meant to be. I also had issues with self-confidence, making business presentations and leadership. My life's work has been to discover how to gain mastery over these issues and help others to find direction and meaning in their lives. To be able to help others is my priveledge; it gives me a big warm feeling.
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