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Smashwords book reviews by David Gervais

  • Jacinto's Voyage on Feb. 24, 2013

    So far, so very good! Now, I'm looking forward to the novel that continues the story! Keep writing Mr. Kaine!!
  • The Empty Door on Sep. 19, 2013

    This is one of the author's earlier books and I am going to read the sequels to see how his writing and characters develops. Although the too main characters are described as antithetical to each other, I did not feel any reason for that. Towards the end of the book, there is an extended section that becomes a discussion of comparative religions; I skimmed this part to get get back to the plot. In between, the plot, characters and action are interesting and progress as the plot complicates. So, recommended, mostly to set up the following books that I expect to be better.
  • War and Space on Sep. 25, 2013
    (no rating)
    " This is not a conversational space war book." If the author can't write a blurb without a typo, it not an encouragement to pay for subsequent books.
  • Ledman Pickup on Sep. 25, 2013
    (no rating)
    I have read a lot this author's work, this is one of my favorites, recommended. World Weary Avengers precedes this in the series.
  • Snapdragon Alley on Sep. 25, 2013
    (no rating)
    I have read the set, it all comes together in the last book. The first and last are my favorites. Recommended
  • The Interstellar Incident on Sep. 25, 2013

    This book started off really well with an interesting person and an alien. Unfortunately, the story veers off into a series of interior stories explaining human society to the alien. In reality, they are there to get the author's pet peeves out. Some are more serious however they all repeat things an intelligent reader already knows, at greater length than needed to make the point. I really struggled to finish the book. The only reason I made it on the third try was determination to read the whole thing before writing a review. It was slightly worth it, as once the author's rants via the characters were past and the story returned, it became interesting again. Robert Heinlein got his libertarian philosophy into his books without stopping the story; in this case the author not only stops the story, they stop the reader as well. The interruptions were annoying because of their length and obviousness. There many examples of incorrect word usage, usually with near homonyms such as imminent or eminent, effect or affect, roles or rolls. It gets worse. The author has two pet ungrammatical phrases. One would work if it was a marker of a character's personality, but both characters and the author use it, frequently. To make it worse, every once in a while, the author gets the same phrases grammatically correct, so there is no excuse. The author also has trouble controlling tenses. They not only bounce back and forth between past and present in a paragraph, but sometimes even in a single sentence. I started counting errors at page 71, by page 191 (the end), I had noted fifty and I didn't catch them all. One star for the wrap around story that was well done, although it had an ordinary predictable execution. Because of the poor story structure, and the difficulty reading it, NOT Recommended.
  • The Astoundingly True Tale of José Fabuloso on Oct. 19, 2013

    Not so much hard science fiction; the method of supra-lightspeed travel is not described beyond "transitioning". The science fiction is in the range of societies represented across space. The characters and situations are somewhat caricatures, much like Harry Harrison's Stainless Steel Rat books. This is not 'Serious Science Fiction' but rather science fiction just for the fun of it. This book is fun and a fast read and recommended.
  • A Life For Nicholas (The Nicholas Chronicles #1) on Oct. 19, 2013

    Good story and character, but where are the other two books? Now that I've met Nicholas, I want to know what happened to him.
  • Thieves Emporium on Oct. 23, 2013

    Everyone else finished the book before I did, so I'll just confirm that it kept me up late, and the review I was about to write noted the similarity in style to Harry Harrison's "Stainless Steel Rat" books. II hope to read more about the characters. There are some passages that are thinly disguised tutorials on tech and economics, which might be oversimplified for some people, however, this book is described as a Young Adult novel, so I think the extra exposition is appropriate.
  • Version Innocent on Dec. 08, 2013
    (no rating)
    Excellent novel, good concepts, but you have to have a high tolerance for typos. The book is complete, however it sets up a sequel that continues with "What happens next?". I've started the sequel, the typos are running at about one every 4-5 pages, so again, start it only if you can cope with the typos.
  • Something Real on Dec. 09, 2013

    The setting on a space colony makes the story worth reading. The setting provides the opportunity for a 'cute meet' budding of romance. Although the parallel paths of technological crisis solving and developing romantic interest provide some narrative tension, successful results are never in doubt. The story is worth reading for the unusual combination of setting and romance. Recommended.
  • Explain That to a Martian on Jan. 04, 2014
    (no rating)
    Culture clash viewed with a sense of humour and openness by the protagonists. All three stories are fun.
  • War and Space on March 04, 2014
    (no rating)
    I notice that the author has updated his blurb.
  • My Brothers Keeper on July 08, 2014
    (no rating)
    There are four typos in the three sentences of the description. I'm not going to put myself through 1,360 more words with typos. Post a note here once you have read this and I will take this comment down.
  • Hull Damage on Dec. 02, 2014
    (no rating)
    I first found this book not long after it was published. I liked it, but there were so many typos I gave up less than a quarter of the way through. I recently found it while browsing my library from a previous ereader. I downloaded it again. It had obviously been updated as there are now very few typos except for chapters 18 & 19. I jumped into Galactic Menace right away. I am now about 1/4 of the way into it and the typos are once again becoming excessive. I have put it aside for a while. Timothy, if you read this, put an email address on your web page and I will send you what I've found so far.