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David Gordon Burke writes books about Man's Best Friend. 'A Rose by Any Other Name - Life Lessons from an Unremarkable Dog' his debut non-fiction memoir is now available at various ebook retailers.

David is currently putting the finishing touches on his first novel - 'Lobo' about dogs lost in the streets of Monterrey, Mexico in the aftermath of Hurricane Alex.

David also writes tutorials, cookbooks and anything else that occurs to him. He resides in northern Mexioco with his wife and the famous mutt from his first book 'Duchess Desert Rose.'

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  • Fifty Egg Timer Stories on March 31, 2014

    Richard Bunning's 'Fifty Egg Timer Short Stories' is about the best INDIE writing I've had the pleasure of reading in ages. With this collection of Genre Flash Fiction, the author displays a dominance and control of language, grammar, dialects, characters, setting and description rarely seen by bestselling writers; and he does it all in 4 pages or less per story. Flash Fiction - Definition Flash fiction is a style of writing which involves producing very short pieces of fictional literature. Works of flash fiction can comprise as little as a single page or 250 words. 'Fifty Egg Timer Short Stories' is unique in its wide range of genres. Sci-fi and Speculative Fiction are well represented along with Historical Fiction, Contemporary and even Chick Lit. My only complaint about this collection is that a few of the stories were so compelling that I felt cheated that there wasn't a possibility to explore the topic in greater depth in the Flash Fiction format. Watch for some cleverly hidden cultural references and song lyrics within the prose. My particular favorite was the Orwellian piece which coincidentally I read the day after seeing the black and white British television adaptation starring Peter Cushing. Bunning's piece beautifully captured the original mood. I look forward to reading other works by this author.