Dr. David Mirich Ph.D


Dr. David Mirich specializes in conducting comprehensive psychological and neuropsychological evaluations in both English and Spanish and regularly offers testimony to various local, state, and federal courts. Additionally, he provides various forms of treatment; including addiction psychotherapy, individual counseling for depression, anxiety, or otherdisorders, couples counseling, and therapy for childhood disorders.
Dr. Mirich has also worked as a bilingual secondary school teacher, administrator, and schoolpsychologist before becoming a licensed psychologist. He has taught at the college level at several local universities. He continues to guest-lecture at local institutions on topics of human behavior, child and adolescent growth and development, addictions, violence, criminality, and criminal profiling.

If this wasn’t amazing enough, David spends times as a licensed pilot and specializes in the neuropsychological evaluation of airline and private pilots. He is the co-author of various publications in the area of Alzheimer’s dementia, mild cognitive impairment and the aging pilot. He is currently involved in the design of a large-scale study to assess potential pre-dementia syndromes among pilots through use of flight simulators, as well as spending time as an author on Sakura Publishing where he is working to put out his memoirs and other future publications.

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