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David Parsley is a British Pensioner, whose life history has covered two divorces (one from a Thai marriage) and being scammed out of his savings. Fortunately, he is not a misogynist who hates anyone with money. Rather, he has learned positive lessons from his experience. He is a new man, in many ways superior to the man he used to be. Although admittedly some people will always scoff at the enthusiasm of a pensioner who feels as if his life is just beginning. Not many years ago it would be considered a form of insanity. Thailand has been an inspiration and spiritual fulfilment for him since 1987. It is now his passion and goal in life to emigrate there. This is not an impossible dream. As he starts to publish, the reality comes closer. Writing about Thailand as a surrealistic experience allows him use his knowledge and understanding of the country, having eventually managed to live there continuously for 3 ½ years.

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