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Author of Abort! Abort! Voyage to Save the Mind, d h Werrett has a new series, Secrets.

Secrets Part One is offered as a 'gift' to his readers to give them a taste of a fantasy world where the protagonist and the antagonist are not always what they seem.

Werrett lives on a bucolic gentleman's farm, is a SciFi and history buff as well as a pilot. He writes his stories chapter by chapter, without a detailed outline. "I like the spontaneous development of the action and the plot."

Creating a novel length story requires the persistent application of a daily writing regime. "When the scope of my story seems overwhelming, when the plot and characters seem too complicated for me to grasp, I just write, I write my way through one difficult scene or chapter, then see where it leads."

His characters are often given choices, they can perpetuate the same thinking and addictions, or receive guidance, often from an unexpected, and sometimes humorous, source.

"Including humor into a novel, which has serious intent, challenging human interactions as well as action-packed drama, makes the story believable. Then add a touch of reality and share a laugh with me when I hear my friends say, 'You just can’t make this stuff up!'"

Visit him anytime at dhwerrett.com.

Smashwords Interview

What is your writing process and where do you write?
I have a simple table big enough for my laptop and a laser printer located in our family room. My daily habit is to rise most mornings by 4 a.m. After coffee and a breakfast cake, I shower and dress comfortably. I have domestic farm animals, which I must feed and give fresh water to daily and most work days, once back in the house, I start writing by 6 a.m. I write one portion of a selected story until 8 a.m., with revisions equaling around 500 words.

Around 20 years ago, at the end of each day, I started a habit of jotting down what I call Daily Notes - a casual diary where I choose a theme that I want to address and combine it with my observations of my daily life. The following day, my Daily Notes are 'supervised' by my yellow highlighter; questions, and their answers, buried in my subconscious magically appear. In a divine way, I believe that I have received a communication important to my current story. Hidden meanings in my Daily Notes are important as well as my understanding that I have been directed by some powerful force to be a writer.
How do you spend your free time?
Photography is an additional outlet for my creativity. Around midday or so, I take a camera to a predetermined and untraveled-by-me road and take a one mile walk, snapping photos of anything that catches my eye. During these walks I live the story I am writing by visualizing the way my characters react to the predicaments they are in. This solitude allows me to fully visualize my story; it is like living the story, or watching it as a movie. In this complicated world, being in nature quiets my mind from the distractions of daily life.
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Secrets Part One
Price: $0.99 USD. Words: 12,550. Language: English. Published: January 24, 2019. Categories: Fiction » Fantasy » General, Fiction » Adventure » Action
Secrets have a way of burrowing deep, whether at the heart of our male protagonist or at the center of an all female government set to implode. The year is 2039, the Government tightly controls the lives of the citizens while beings from another world have taken over earth by planting altered females in power, females who want to enslave the remaining people on earth to do their bidding.
Abort! Abort! Voyage to Save the Mind
Price: $3.99 USD. Words: 60,760. Language: English. Published: July 20, 2018. Categories: Fiction » Science fiction » Adventure
TCO, who has imbedded in his subconscious the knowledge to move the Mind to a more hospitable universe, Angel and Nikki, are a mis-matched trifecta who lead us through a fast-paced, adventure-packed, high-tech, erotic, humorous and loving story that pits the Dark Side of humanity with the true believers in the spirituality of the human mind. Professionally edited; series one.

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