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David Z Hirsch grew up on the steppes of Nebraska peddling Kool-Aid off I-129 until saving up enough cash for medical school. After graduation, he moved to Pyongyang to teach pre-med classes at Kim Il-sung University. He soon fell out of favor and was imprisoned at Kaechon where he traded medical favors for soup and toilet paper until he made a daring escape across the border.

Dr. Hirsch subsisted for the next three years by foraging gooseberries and licking the dew off spiny toads. This led to a burst of creativity, and he wrote the first draft of Didn't Get Frazzled on bark peeled off a dying Manchurian Ash tree. Ultimately discovered in a semi-feral state by the China Coast Guard flotilla from Liaoning, Dr. Hirsch returned to the United States sixty pounds lighter but more inspired than ever.

David Z Hirsch is a pen name, so absolutely nothing in the above paragraphs are true. This is not lying, you see. It’s fiction. Many well-regarded sources insist that these are two distinct things. The actual guy who wrote this novel is a practicing physician in Maryland. His life story is considerably more prosaic, but in his head he lives a fascinating, fascinating life.

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Smashwords Interview

Were you really imprisoned in North Korea?
Um…let’s start at the beginning. David Z Hirsch is a pen name. I created a fanciful backstory for my own amusement. No, I have never been to North Korea (nor Nebraska, for that matter). I’d like to go to China at some point, but I doubt I’ll be licking any spiny toads while I’m there.
Why are you using a pen name?
I’m a practicing physician, so I’d prefer to keep my professional and writing lives separate. There’s also a certain freedom to anonymity. I have an intense job, and writing gives me the opportunity to decompress. Really, in what other endeavor can you just make things up for fun? Go ahead and try that in any other field and you’ll be branded a liar or a criminal. Yet not only is that okay as a novelist, it’s encouraged. Readers want to be whisked away to explore another world. We want to laugh and cry and dig our nails into our Kindles and iPads. I hope Didn’t Get Frazzled will do that for my readers.
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