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Smashwords book reviews by David Snelling

  • Romeo and Juliet For the Rest of Us! on June 05, 2011

    That noise you hear is William Shakespeare rolling over in his grave thanks to the irrevent but easily understood commentary by Lori Mitchell in her debut book on "Romeo and Juliet." Though Mr. Shakespeare's plays are based on universal human experience, the Elizabethen language acts as a stumbling block for modern readers. Hence, "Shakespeare For The Rest of Us." This book and its subsequent editions should act as a spark to explore Shakespeare's plays and a tongue-in-cheek reference guide to anyone struggling through a school assignment.
  • Her Shot at Love on March 21, 2013
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    Two trigger fingers up for Lori Mitchell's story of a trap shooter running from disturbing past whose chance encounter with two precocious twins in a grocery store leads to her shot at love. Will she hit the target? Read and find out!