Gary J. Jones


I’m not a nuclear physicist, a PhD, or a veteran. I’m just a skeptical sales and marketing executive, still curious about how the world works.

And, like a lot of people, I wanted to believe the Roswell Incident was a giant cover-up about a flying saucer—some selfish, misguided, or devious scheme to hide the truth. I thought ‘why couldn’t a flying saucer crash on Earth’. Aliens probably ‘text’ while they drive too, right?

So, sometime around 2001, I decided to try finding yet another clue that a flying saucer crashed near Roswell in 1947. I started reading books from top ufologists to learn what was already known, understood or accepted, but their theories and arguments shocked me.

They were totally lacking in evidence, objectivity, and logic to support their claims. In fact, to this day, over 10 years later, all they have is scattered first-hand accounts, tons of hearsay, fragments of fact, and mountains of speculation.

Through my research, I’ve determined the key to unlocking the Roswell secret is to solve the riddle—why did the Army Air Force risk their reputations and national security to issue their famous 1947 Flying Saucer Press Release?

To that end, my novel ‘Hangar 84’ presents a uniquely facetious theory about the Roswell Incident.

Happy reading,
Gary J. Jones


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