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Philadelphia's Thriller Author, Dean Kutzler, writes fast-paced thrillers entrenched with surprisingly true facts hidden around the world. Brownstone is the first book in The Jack Elliot Series.

Dean Kutzler started out in the annals of accounting, fully submerged and drowning in a sea of boring analytical journals, he decided that a non-creative life was not the life for him.

In 2012 he finally found a life preserver and pulled his way to the top of all that boring data and quickly (and happily) dove right into the creative world of...well?

Creating worlds!

He invites you into the world of Jack Elliot and his fictional adventures where he twists real-life secrets into his path, enlightening every reader!

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Brownstone Book Trailer
This is the book trailer for Brownstone, the 1st book in the Jack Elliot series


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