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Smashwords book reviews by Dean Mountford

  • The Fat Loss Bible on March 02, 2012

    Great book. Well written with loads of research supporting the content. Easy to read in plain English! The one thing about Anthony to be admired is his integrity. I also bought the previous edition and whilst it is similar, there are some differences and clearer explanations about carb intake. As the evidence has persuaded Anthony of the need to modify some of his content; he does so, refusing to get caught up in dogma! He allows the evidence to determine not any pre-determined view he may have on a topic. This refreshing to me as a reader and it gives me confidence that what I am following as a program is accurate and up to date. Well worth the $10!!
  • The Great Cholesterol Con on March 02, 2012

    Great book and a fascinating topic! Complex subject explained clearly in reasonably plain English. It is really scary to discover how we have all been conned just do that the drug companies can make a buck. Huge amount of detailed research provides proof that we really are being conned. Please read this book so that you can learn and so protect yourself and your family from this dangerous scam! Congratulations to Anthony for producing such a detailed and well researched book!