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  • Five on Oct. 19, 2012
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    Five was enjoyable and intriguing enough for me to finish, but I felt there were several areas where it fell short of expectation. Pace was quite slow. Rayla runs off to college without her aunt's permission. Weird things keep happening, and then she goes on with college life as if nothing has happened. There is a super-fast section in the middle, and then she is in faeryland and it all slows down again. Quite the opposite of how you expect pacing in a novel. Characters: Rayla is ok and certainly a readable viewpoint, if a bit annoying. But she is a teenager, after all. Cassie is irritating, and their relationship just doesn't ring true. Te hot guys are just that - hot guys. No real character background, although that improves in the second half. Setting: fairyland was annoyingly cliched, as was Rayla's transformation into beautiful, talented, and 'the special one'. But most of all I was annoyed by the ending - which never happened! A novel, even in a series, should have a start, a middle and an end, and this doesn't! It sets up a whole heap of stuff and then just stops. Sorry. That's not a standalone novel.