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I’m Deborah Brunt, and I’m on a mission: investigate truth, instigate bold living.

Investigate truth: Uncover "key truths for living life," truths that are vital but have been hidden, often because even those of us who name the name of Christ haven’t wanted to see.

Instigate bold living: Declare these truths, calling all who will to live before the Lord with an undivided heart - to know him intimately, to follow him fully and to proclaim him boldly, regardless the cost.

I’m the author of six books and contributor to six others. My most recent titles are The Elijah Blessing: An Undivided Heart (first Smashwords title!) and We Confess! The Civil War, the South, and the Church.

Over the years, I’ve written more than 1,500 published articles. Now, I blog about Writing from the Spirit and an array of other topics. My Key Truths e-column, available free to subscribers, features longer teaching articles.

Besides writing, I delight in guiding organic prayer, worship and spiritual warfare experiences. I enjoy reading, music, fast walking, mountains, gourmet coffee and petting our finicky cat, Tessa. I especially love experiencing any of the above with my family, beginning with, but not limited to, my husband, our two daughters and two sons-in-law.

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