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Debra Chapoton is the author of several YA novels including the international best-selling thriller EDGE OF ESCAPE, the break-your-heart adventure THE GUARDIAN'S DIARY, and two paranormal dramas, SHELTERED and A SOUL'S KISS. Her mash-up novels, EXODIA and OUT OF EXODIA, cross genres for a futuristic dystopian journey. Sci-fi adventure books include THE GIRL IN THE TIME MACHINE, a time travel novel with a twist, and THE TIME BENDER series, four books that follow an alien-earthling romance.

Chapoton has also written or co-written several non-fiction works including HOW TO BLEND FAMILIES, HOW TO HELP YOUR CHILD SUCCEED IN SCHOOL, CROSSING THE SCRIPTURES, and HOW TO BUILD A LOG HOME IN UNDER A YEAR.

Chapoton’s children’s books include THE SECRET IN THE HIDDEN CAVE, MYSTERY'S GRAVE, BULLIES AND BEARS, A TICK IN TIME, and BIGFOOT DAY, NINJA NIGHT as well as the six book series that begins with NICK BAZEBAHL AND THE FORBIDDEN TUNNELS.

She grew up fascinated by codes and intricate puzzles, later graduating to treasure hunts and road rallies. She loves to weave clues into her novels and, after a career teaching high school Spanish and English, she peppers her novels with the personalities of former students.

She enjoys talking and tweeting with fans. You can find her on her blog: or on twitter @Debra_Chapoton.

Smashwords Interview

What is the first book you published. What is the latest?
My first published book is Edge of Escape, a psychological thriller with a sympathetic twist. I've written many more in between that one and this year’s coming of age novel, The Guardian’s Diary.
Is there a character or scene that you wish you could go back and change?
There is a character that I based on a particular student I liked in one of my classes. I’m not going to say which book he’s in other than that it’s one of my young adult novels. When I got frustrated that no agent would look at the manuscript I rewrote the ending and killed off that character. Wouldn't you know that then the book got grabbed by a publisher and we kept that ending. I’d like to go back and save him.
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Edge of Escape
Book trailer for Edge of Escape: Emotionally impaired yet clever, Eddie obsesses over the most popular girl. He drugs her, abducts her and locks her away. She escapes, but that is part of his plan as he pretends to be her knight in shining armor. Will she accept his special devotion or reject his fragile love? Stalking gets a sympathetic twist in this story of fixation and fear.

The Secret in the Hidden Cave
Two 12-year-olds, Missy and Kevin, explore the old lodge, the woods, the cemetery and the dark caves beneath the lake and find surprises, danger and secrets. Can they solve the riddles, follow the clues and save the place from destruction? Or are they being used by someone smarter who needs help to reveal an ancient secret. THE SECRET IN THE HIDDEN CAVE is a middle-grade novel with surprising twists, high tech gizmos, clever riddles and scary stuff. It is book one of the Big Pine Lodge series.


Prequel to the Dragons & Drones series (Dragons and Drones)
Price: Free! Words: 5,700. Language: English. Published: August 5, 2021. Categories: Fiction » Fantasy » Epic, Fiction » Science fiction » Adventure
The dragons rise, catastrophes fall, and an ancient spaceship lands. Start the adventure in the prequel to SPELL OF THE SHADOW DRAGON.

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  • The Adventures of Steven and Diesel on July 17, 2011

    This delightful story would make great bedtime reading – a chapter a night – for boys and girls 4 to 8 years old. Young readers who want to tackle a book on their own will have no trouble with The Adventures of Steven and Diesel. An imaginative 8-year-old, Steven, is lucky enough to become the owner of a well-trained but adventurous dog named Diesel. Together they explore, play, and learn, while the reader is presented with a story that flows gently. I would compare this to the calming entertainment of a Mr. Rogers show. There is no real danger, villains, accidents or anything objectionable. The infusion of humor adds to the story and gives a charm that old and young will appreciate. I recommend this book to parents of children learning to read.