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  • Leader of the Pack on March 07, 2010

    I loved this book, can't wait for next one in June, also enjoyed Mira
  • Forever Mine on May 06, 2013

    Like aramide I can't understand why no one else has reviewed this book. I found it by chance and was hooked as soon as I started reading, it's a long book nearly 300,000 words and it became something of an obsession over the two days it took me to read it, luckily I started it on a Saturday. With the exception of one part I loved everything about this book, the whole concept, the characters, the plot. I lost myself completely In this book and can't wait for the next one to come out. As for the bit I didn't like I can't go into detail without giving anything away and that would just spoil it but one of the characters who'd been strong and capable all through the book seemed so out of character in one scene but having said this I still gave it 5 stars since I enjoyed it so much.
  • Surge: Wheezers Series Book 1 on Jan. 21, 2014

    This is a different book for me, I read romance and as far as I can remember I've never read, or wanted to read a book about the undead but there was just something about this book. I loved it and became totally absorbed, the characters were well written and believable and the story held my full attention, in fact I couldn't get enough now I'm left waiting and hoping that Katelin writes another book quickly, preferably a follow on since I'd like to stick with this story a bit longer.
  • Pleasure and Pain. on Feb. 08, 2014

    Where to start... I loved the write up on this book and couldn't wait to start reading after a couple of pages it was apparent that this wasn't going to be the book I'd hoped it would be. Far too much detail was given on everything and I do mean everything after a few pages I was skimming and in places just reading the conversation and not the endless thoughts. I did think of quitting since it's a longish book but since I was skimming great chunks of it I was getting through it quickly. It had me interested enough to read to the end and I'm glad I did the last maybe 20% was good and I believe that if you cut out all the endless "my dick is so hard, it's never been this hard, it's tenting my jeans, my lurking hard-on, aching hard-on, walking talking hard-on, my hard cock, permanent hard-on, hard bulge"....and on and on and on...I'm not joking it was unbelievable, we get it, he's hard......a lot. Anyway I digress if you cut this book in half and trimmed out most of the unnecessary description and endless "hard" references you'd have a good read with interesting characters. So in summary not an easy book for me to read since I personally didn't like the writers style but I'm glad I stuck with it since I enjoyed the end.
  • The Sun Wolf on Feb. 12, 2014

    This is a fantastic tale of werewolves, it's ultimately a romance but it takes us on a journey of friendship, loyalty, love and hate. I agree with Nickel once you start reading it's impossible to put down. I downloaded this book and Nonakris by Kimberly Odum Wells on the same night I was starting to read Nonakris, a book about Diana Ward, a woman who doesn't leave work often but gets called out a house her firm's building and meets a Frenchman Alexis Broussard....weird I know since that's exactly the same characters as this book. Anyway before I got started I noticed that Nonakris said Odin book 2, not wanting to read out of order I left it for later and started on The Sun Wolf, surprised to discover that just before the book starts it says Odin book 1. Anyone have any idea what's going on, are these authors the same person, do these books actually follow on. To add to the mystery Nonakris is no longer available on Smashwords!!
  • UFOs and Shit: Wheezers Series Bonus Scene on April 21, 2014

    This is incredibly short, a taster well a prequel scene actually and since I loved Surge I can't get enough of anything wheezer related but now I want more.... The 3 stars isn't a negative it's simply a result of how short this is I Loved It...more please
  • Kindling Flames—Gathering Tinder on Sep. 26, 2014

    I found this book free on Smashwords and thought I'd give it a go and I'm so glad I did. Darien Ritter maybe the CEO and owner of a multimillion dollar company but he's also a very old and powerful vampire but he's suffering the very human issue of finding a good efficient personal assistant, he was very happy with the one he had but she happened to get pregnant and with triplets no less and is laid up in bed, the inconvenience it's causing him. His own personnel office has offered up six candidates and the forth from the agency is waiting, how difficult can it be to get someone who can do their job well. And this is how Victoria Westernly enters the life of Darien Ritter, she surprises him at every turn and he wonders how he ever managed without her. While Darien and Victoria get to know each other, over on the south side of town murders are taking place, fires are raging and people are going missing. This was a surprisingly interesting read, if I'm being honest I only intended to skim the first few pages to see it was something I'd read in the future but once I'd started I just couldn't stop, I was hooked. The characters are great, not just Darien and Vicky but the supporting ones as well and I loved the story. The only thing I really had an issue with was the 'city burning pictures' at the start of each chapter they looked cheap, awful and outdated in fact if it wasn't for the fact that I was completely hooked by the time I reached chapter two I'd have stopped reading. I'd hoped that the one for the prologue and the one for chapter one would be it, I still can't believe that such a good book has those tacky pictures at each chapter, I've got my fingers crossed that they're not in the next book, maybe they looked worse because I read this on my iPad and not my kindle so they were bigger, I don't know but they annoyed the hell out of me. Why 4 stars and not 5, firstly the 'pictures' and secondly the unannounced cliffhanger. Straight onto the next book for me.... Or not as I've just found out, I noticed reviews on Goodreads so assumed it was available but it's not out in ebook form until 3rd October the paperback release was 19th September. ###Genevieve I agree with you I hate unannounced cliffhangers but they're such a regular occurrence these days, I mean how difficult is it to just put 'ends on cliffhanger' or ' not complete book'
  • Awakening the Mobster (Book 2) on Dec. 06, 2015

    This picks up where the previous book 'Mobster's Girl' finished Patrick O'Neill, Megan and Erin's father has asked Antonio to take them away and keep them safe, Vito comes along as well and they all set off for Notre Dame. This is a short book at only 112 pages but again I really enjoyed it, I read it in one sitting and was up until the early hours finishing it. I loved the characters and how much Antonio loves Megan, how much she loves him and I adore Vito. The story kept me hooked from the first page to the last but it really kicked into gear around chapter 11 so you've been warned once you get there you won't be able to put it down. So why not 5 stars? Erin. I understood why she's suffering like she is but I felt at times it was too much and overshadowed Antonio and Megan. Can't wait to start the next book 'Mobster's Vendetta'
  • Mobster's Gamble, Chicago Mob Series Book 1 on Jan. 25, 2016

    The best so far? 4.5 stars. It's hard to imagine living Anya's life, she's never known anything else having been born into the Anointed Heavens it's been her entire life. We know the cult leader was taking her to his bed when she was only ten years old, she's been beaten and abused and yet she remains incredibly strong, she's a true survivor. Things are changing within the Anointed Hearts, numbers have dwindled and their leader Priest is becoming unpredictable. Carlo we know and love from the previous books his problem with the Anointed Hearts is the fact that they're protesting and recruiting outside his family's casino the La Bella Regale and not only is it bad for business but it draws unwanted attention. The question is why just La Bella Regale and not the other casinos? While moving the cult away Carlo spots Anya and something about her draws him in and she haunts his thoughts. Meanwhile the cult has a new member and Anya can't understand what Priest doing and why, everything is changing and it's unsettling. I think this is my favourite so far in this series I loved all the characters especially Jessie and I was hooked from the first page to the last. Anya's suffering made difficult reading at times and I really really wanted her to find her HEA but I had every confidence in Carlo. I don't read many ARC's but since this was a book I was going to read anyway I couldn't say no. Why not 5*? I don't give 5* easily or often otherwise it becomes worthless but at 4.5* this came close. ###### SPOILER ###### How did Anya end up at the casino wearing nothing but a blanket? I thought at first that Priest had dumped her but then I couldn't figure why, surely he'd lock her up or beat her again not just kick her out and if he was mad enough to kick her out I can't believe he would have given her a blanket. So it had to be Anya that ran away but then I couldn't see that she would leave without clothes or shoes it's not as if she wasn't rational she had a conversation with Kylie which ended with ".......he's not walking all over me anymore. I'll keep his secret but I won't keep his house or his bed." Now you're probably thinking I'm just too picky and trust me I know and I wish I wasn't. I received an ARC in exchange for my honest review.
  • We Were One Once Book 1 on April 06, 2016

    Dark and Intoxicating but beware there's a huge cliffhanger. This is an interesting book and it's so much more than I expected it does take a little while to settle into it but it's worth me it's an intoxicating addictive read. On the surface Simon Lamb is everything a woman could want, he's rich, tall, good looking and charming and yes that's all true but he's also a sadist and since he's a trust fund boy he doesn't need to work but he does, he procures women and trains them using whatever methods he sees fit, he kidnaps women to order and trains them to be exactly what their new masters require, and while this job pays well he doesn't do it for the money. It's while he's looking around that he spots Grace for the first time, and she's perfect, just what he's looking for and so he watches her, learns her routines and gets, don't worry I'm not going any further I'll just say that Simon's in for a surprise because Grace has secrets of her own. What makes this book so intriguing is that interspersed with Simon and Grace is another story, the story of Miles and Gillian and it all comes to a head in a huge cliffhanger.
  • We Were One Once Book 2 on April 06, 2016

    A dark yet compulsive read. If I'm being totally honest I was a little apprehensive about this book, I'd been surprised by how much I'd enjoyed the previous one and after the huge and I do mean huge cliffhanger ending part of me didn't want to read this incase it was a disappointment, crazy I know but it's happened so many times with sequels, but luckily the other part couldn't wait to start reading and I'm so glad I did...not a single disappointment in sight. This is a quick read, that's due more to the content than the length I just couldn't put it down once I'd started, it's a gripping book and a different read, well written and fascinating, I'm not going to say anymore since I don't want to inadvertently give anything away. The main question for me after the appearance of Miles was how would it end? Now I have to say that I'm one of those people who require a HEA and I was worried when I read the 'Be's a dark ending and not exactly happy' but for people out there like me the ending fits the book and I was... happy's the wrong word... content, I was content and felt it fit. So in conclusion this is a dark, disturbing yet compulsive and fascinating read.