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Smashwords book reviews by Deepdown

  • Calculated Risk on June 25, 2012

    I enjoy books that don't stick religiously to one genre, and this one sounded like it had a bit of everything. And indeed it does--some sci-fi, some mystery, some thriller, some romance, and a pair of interesting characters who reminded me a lot of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. It's mostly mystery, though--two mismatched heroes thrown together by chance, stuck on a dangerous space station trying to solve the same crime for different reasons, not knowing whether they can trust each other but being forced to try. The mystery's deftly handed, and there are some exciting action sequences too. I would have preferred a bit more sci-fi--the action mostly takes place on a single space station, and I'd have preferred to see a bit more of the author's futuristic world, because there are some interesting hints and ideas dropped about it without you ever really seeing it first-hand. However, judging from the ending (which I won't spoil for you), I get the idea that there's a lot more of the world to be revealed in the sequel, so maybe the author's just biding her time. The best part of the book is definitely the two heroes, though. Rafe and Kama are really interesting characters with a lot of surprising skeletons in their closets and I really enjoyed seeing them battle against their demons throughout the book. It was an enjoyable read and the sort of story that could make a really interesting movie.
  • Touching Madness on June 25, 2012

    A lot of urban fantasy is cookie-cutter, especially in a world where everyone seems to be imitation JK Rowling. I took a punt on Touching Madness because it sounded a bit different, and so it proved. The author's portrayal of a schizophrenic hero gradually discovering that not all the demons he sees are products of his mind hooked me early on, and the narrator (River) especially is a fun and interesting character. There's lots of action and intrigue, but the author did a good job of keeping things moving and not letting the story bog down. It's not perfect--there are some subplots where I thought the tone was a bit too light-hearted, and there's maybe one climax too many for my taste--but it was an interesting and enjoyable read, with plenty of laughs along with the dark moments. I'll definitely be keeping an eye open for the promised sequel. Quirky, and not at all what you expect.