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  • The Blemished on Aug. 14, 2012

    **Review of an ARC provided by the author** What an awesome debut from Sarah Dalton! Oh. My. Gosh. I don't typically read a lot of dystopian novels because most of the time I just can't buy into the world that I've just walked into. But let me tell you that this novel was very different! The world of the GEMs and the Blemished became so real to me, and the characters...I half expected to run into them walking down a street somewhere! I absolutely LOVED the plotline! There were a few slower parts, which is good to have in moderation, and most of the time the plot was driving fast. The suspenseful turn of events had me reading for hours and I put off important things on my to-do list just to find out what happened next! Half of the time I was sitting on the edge of my chair and making this :O face because I couldn't believe what was happening. The whole concept of the Blemished and the GEMs was extremely creative, and it was quite a refreshing premise for me. A few things made me angry, but it was the good kind of angry that I felt. I felt the anger that Mina felt. I know if I was her and living in a place like that, I'd react exactly the way she did. The characters were adorable! My favorite was Daniel. :) Man, was he a cutie! And his connection with Mina is so deep that it sorta makes me jealous. All of the characters in this novel were different in their own way, with interesting backstories (I absolutely LOVE a good backstory) and pasts that made them into who they are. Dalton integrated the past into the novel very well, and I felt that I knew the characters all pretty well by the conclusion (with the exception of Sebastian, who still perplexs me...)! Hopefully the romantic tension is resolved in the coming books of the series! I'm definitely going to be looking out for the next one! Awesome debut! 4.5 stars! :)