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  • Michael Belmont and the Tomb of Anubis on Jan. 13, 2012

    Michael Belmont & the Tomb of Anubis by Ethan Russell Erway I enjoyed Michael Belmont & the Tomb of Anubis, the first in the Michael Belmont series by Ethan Russell Erway. Its a fast paced adventure that leads the Belmont siblings across the globe in a frantic search for their parents who have gone missing in an ancient Egyptian necropolis. The characters are likeable and well-developed, the settings well defined and believable. From a Scottish castle to the Egyptian desert, Mr. Erway has done a great job of blending together an exciting story that is full of life lessons, adventure and mythology. Michael is a good kid, caught up in the same things that affect all tween/teen kids; a pesky little sister, love, loss and learning to trust. And the biggest lesson of all, that being different is not necessarily a bad thing. I had a great time reading Michael Belmont & The Tomb of Anubis and I am looking forward to Mr Elway's next installment in the Michael Belmont series.