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Smashwords book reviews by Denise Fricke

  • F814 (Cyborgs: More Than Machines) on June 02, 2012

    I would highly recommend any books by this author. She does a great job of making you want to finish her books in one siting, which in some cases is impossible. I enjoy the humor she puts into most of her books. The one liners are great and make you smile and LOL. I think a book is not a good read unless it has some funny parts. I like the cyborg series, it leaves you wanting more.
  • Viper's Defiant Mate on June 01, 2015

    Excellent Book. Excellent Author. I am really enjoying this series. Looking forward to the next one. Highly recommend.
  • Hunter's Claim: The Alliance Book 1 on June 01, 2015

    Excellent start to this new series. I will definitely be buying the next one when it comes out. Great author.
  • Twin Dragons: Dragon Lords of Valdier Book 7 on June 01, 2015

    This book is part of a series, which I highly recommend. I am enjoying all of this authors book. It has everything you could want in a science fiction romance.
  • When An Alpha Purrs on June 05, 2015

    This book was so good. I could not put it down till the end. It is an enjoyable read and an excellent new series. I am really looking forward to the next book due out in July. Will put this series on my wish list.
  • When A Beta Roars on July 09, 2015

    Just finished reading the second book in this series. So good. You get to laugh a lot at the dialog between Hayder and Arabella. Looking forward to the next book about Leo, which is due out August 6th.
  • U.M.O: Unidentified Male Organism on June 03, 2016

    Loved this book, it is totally different from what I expected. The storyline is about a group of survivors from earth who have landed on another planet so that humanity has a chance to start again. But the planet is already occupied. The inhabitants are not what they seem. So what are they? I really could not put this one down. Holds your interest. Highly recommend. Hope Penelope Fletcher will continue this one into a series too. Excellent author.