Denise la Croix


Denise la Croix was born under the Astro-sign of Gemini. She was brought up in a re-furbished mediaeval castle, which she still owns, in the Highlands of Scotland. From the age of nineteen she has lived in various parts of the World, particularly in France and Italy.
Denise has written over fifteen erotic novels covering all genres, S&M, bondage, Male Dom, Female Dom, human trafficking and Vampire tales, all with an adventure running through them as well as some romance. One of her novels that features Vampires and the Undead is shortly to be turned into a trilogy featuring Christal Dark and Jean-Paul Coutard. She has also written a 17th century, erotic romance story.
At the moment she is working on a new story, incorporating Tania Bashara -Tania’s Betrayal and Adam Stone - Brutal Revenge. They will meet up with one of the villains from a previous novel.
Currently Denise lives on the Italian Riviera with her third husband a poet and artist. He has been her main inspiration for the many erotic sequences in her novels.


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