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I am a survivor of childhood sexual abuse. Only today, fifty years later, am I coming to terms with my past. I kept it all inside for so long my secrets became a prison of silence. Telling my story has set me free, and it is my prayer my book will help other survivors to escape from the shackles of silence. We are, as they say, works in progress.

NOTE: If you are a survivor of abuse I urge you to reach out to other survivors on Facebook. Search for, "CHILD ABUSE" or "ABUSE SURVIVORS." and join any one of the dozens of survivor communities you will find. You will find yourself in the company of some extraordinary people just like you. Good luck and thank you.

I didn't even know survivor communities existed until I wrote my book. The truth? I had never knowingly met another survivor of childhood sexual abuse until I finally went public with my own story of abuse. It has been a humbling, enriching, and enlightening experience. For 50+ years I traveled through my life alone with my memories. I am now privileged to journey in the same company of many remarkable and wonderful people. I am no more expert on child abuse than a survivor of a car crash is an expert on automotive safety. I am learning more every day. I hope you will find my book to be of value to you. If you read it, I only ask that you post your honest review. Thank you.

My babysitter raped me; school bullies sexually assaulted me, and my mother molested me. Despite all that, my life has been a remarkable and fantastic adventure. I once was the publisher and editor of a large regional newspaper, I’ve been invited to the White House two times, and played chess with Boris Spassky 20 years after shaking the hand of Bobby Fisher. I was twice elected selectman in my hometown and have served as a church elder for thirty years.

I have reached the point on my journey where there is more scenery in the rearview mirror then there is road ahead. Now that I have retired I have plenty of time to write. I’ll write ‘till I drop because I would rather hit the end of the road at full throttle than coast to a stop in the sunset.

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Becoming a Man in the Shadowlands
You set the price! Words: 45,270. Language: English. Published: August 8, 2017. Categories: Nonfiction » Relationships & Family » Dysfunctional relationships
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This story of survival is a book by a survivor for survivors. Never a victim and always a survivor, journey inside the mind of a child overcoming sexual abuse while navigating a pathway through the social insecurities of adolescence. Becoming a Man in the Shadowlands is a beautifully written saga about an ugly subject. It is an inspiring survival story and a book worth reading.

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