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  • Dawn of the Knight: Lance Rock's Spiritual Journey Book 1. on April 21, 2013

    I'm a big fan of James Bond, Jason Bourne and Alex Rider.The cover for this book caught my eye and the description appeared intriguing so I decided to take a chance, despite the "romance" aspect in the description. Boy was I impressed! This is an incredible "page turner" from beginning to end! The action scenes are detailed and well-written, the suspense makes you want to keep reading, and even the romance aspect of the book was well done! Lance's battle with his "hormones" is actually quite humorous at times and the story contains two of the most beautiful girls in literary history. I would love to meet a "real-life" Shannon! I highly recommend this book! Another "side note" is that the author has avoided both graphic sex and profanity, although I will caution that there is adult thematic material here. The story definitely lends itself to a sequel, and an entire series for that matter! Lance Rock is a true "knight" and his skills are on par with the best of literary action heroes! Well done, Robert L. Beck!