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  • UnEnchanted on March 05, 2013

    I found this book to be rushed and poorly written. The chapters are either too long, or too short, and never focus on just one subject. The characters were barely developed at all. They all just seemed static to me. There was great potential in this, but the way the author used certain literary elements just seemed out of place, and could have done something better. Here's an example; There's a brief point before the big dance, the climax of the story, where it's suddenly said that Mina's mother was scared of Little Red Riding Hood as a child. That was very last minute and tacked on. If anything, that could have been used throughout the whole story, and could have been a compelling sub-plot. But no. Tacked on last minute. Chapter 13 drags on forever, and doesn't even finish the last subject it was covering, and then Chapter 14 is literally a page and a half. I felt like the author didn't have a plan throughout the story, and rushed this book out.