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Molly Ferguson Futrell is the teen author of her first PUBLISHED series: Desert Immortals.

Publishing at only thirteen years old, Molly wrote "The Venomous Monster," inspired by a dream of her's when she was only four years old.
Two months later after turning thirteen, she began writing the book, with an open, fresh mind. She got the idea of her main ANTAGONIST: Serpina Snake, from her haunting dream, back when she was four. The girl with the glowing pale skin, wearing a bright green, summer dress, the green, snakish eyes, and long black hair. Next off, she developed a new character, May Belle Tuck, the oldest daughter of Mother Nature and Samuel Tuck, a time-traveler, which had become the MAIN PROTAGONIST of the series. This amazingly took her three months to write!
And by May 15, 2011, Molly's book was finally published by Amazon's Createpsace and is now available in 75,000 retail stores!

Read the Prologue of the Venomous Monster now at:

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  • The Promise on April 05, 2012

    My Rating: 4 1/2 Sparks My Review: Ah yes. This book was splendid indeed. The author: D.D. Chant is a remarkable writer, opening up with a Prologue of the character, Lady Quill writing a letter to the reader. I rarely see books that starts with that. Well done. I do not really read Historical Fiction, but the author shows hard work and a lot of quality on making this an intriguing read. I spent most of my time reading this about seven times in the past few days, because the author herself made it so special. What I really liked about this book is the author made it captivating. The descriptions were done right and correctly. The dialogues between the characters seemed fairly natural and made me--the reader, believed that I was there. The paragraphs are not quite long, but the perfect length. What I really liked most: the author creates this world that readers can understand and communicate with in real life. The Promise has a lot of meaning, making the readers guess what this book is really about. There was a name of a character that caught my eye: Lord Coughly. Why do I like this character? His name stands out. The word, "cough" and his name "Coughly" sounds interesting. Never have I ever read a book that has that name. It seems original...which I really liked. The book reminded me of King Arthur stories, but not necessarily. It was quite original which stood out from the story. I am looking forward to be reading the rest of her books. I see bright things ahead of her. *Overall there was thirty-two chapters and a prologue/epilogues. It was a fair easy-read. I will recommend it to Historical lovers for teenagers and adults.