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Desni Dantone first put pen to paper in the creative sense when she was eleven years old. Her mother was her first fan, and critiqued her not-so-good stories with a smile. She likes to think that her writing has gotten much better since those first few rough drafts.
She resides in Greensburg, Pennsylvania with her husband, Stephen, son, Nicholas, and a hoarde of animals that have taken over their home. Her only claim to fame is that she hails from the same hometown as Dean Koontz, and she does try to find a way to bring it up every chance she gets. Her dream is for Everett, PA to be put on the map because it boasts not one, but two, best-selling authors.
She has a weakness for young adult paranormal romance books, but loves to write them even more. Her first novel, Ignited, is the first book in a series that she has enjoyed every minute of writing. Completing this series and pursuing a writing career is her goal in life--right after potty training her son and puppy!

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