Fred Doerr IV


Prior to my near fatal injury in 1976, I did construction work, janitor work, could repair anything with a motor, was good in photography, rode dirt bikes, played guitar drums, piano and sang in my own rock band and of course, women.

Since I became paralyzed, I've worked as a real estate investor, owned and operated an advertising agency with in-house printing and typesetting, a mail-order computer business, written and performed my own music and of course, women.

At the time of the accident, I was five days away from opening my own printing business with the printing equipment I had rebuilt over the last six months in my parents basement.

Positive thinking, humor and willpower are key ingredients that restructured my future, contrary to the one predicted by the doctors, rehabilitation specialists and in spite of attempts to euthanize (kill me) me by those same "medical professionals."

I promise you, my books will take you on a trip not seen on either side of the fence.

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