Devin Harbison


Devin was born in the year of '98 and raised in a little suburb not too far outside of Baltimore, but, nowadays, he's happily escaped to a much quieter part of Maryland and is more than happy staying there until his bones turn to dust. When he's not busy using far too many commas and almost as many overly-complex sentences, he can be found relaxing with his family, caring for close friends, chasing his misbehaving son, a beautiful Retriever mix, adorably named Bear, and playing far too many video games as they have always been an escape for him, even when his issues with mental illness have been at their worse. Thankfully, with the worst his mind has to offer gone, he seems ready to stick around for a while now and more than willing to do what he loves, writing for the enjoyment of others.

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Twitter: @devin_harb
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