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I've been writing stories since I learned to put the alphabet down on paper and form words. Books and writing were pure escapism. Back then, we had an unending supply of westerns on tv and at the movies. It was great stuff and I grew fascinated with all things to do with the Old West. I guess it was because it was the last untamed era in this country and, in many regions, each man was the law unto himself. The times were often brutal, but wildly romantic in a young girl's imagination.

My first cases of hero worship were aimed at Audie Murphy and John Wayne and (I admit it), I never got over them. I still love those guys.

While still in my teens, I started reading everything I could find by Zane Grey (that man was a true romantic at heart) and Louis Lamour. Then, during the early eighties, I stumbled across my first western historical romance. I was hooked. I'd found the best of both worlds--great westerns and steamy romance. It seemed only natural that when I began to get serious about my writing, I turned to my favorite genre--the western historical.

I've lived from one end of the country to the other and on all three coasts. I settled in Texas for several years and loved it, but now I'm back home in Kentucky, back to my roots. I live with my husband, our two children, and Molly (our dog) in the foothills of scenic Appalachia.

Although I no longer venture far from home, my passion for the west and those dashing sagebrush heroes remains as strong as ever. I hope you enjoy reading about my heroes and heroines of the Old West as much as I love writing about them.

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