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Winner 'National Film Board Award of Canada' for 'Best Pitch' at Banff TV Festival 2002.

I studied writing at The Banff Centre in Alberta, Canada with iconic Canadian writers W.O. Mitchell and Alice Munro.

I have a diploma in film and have written many screenplays, including 'Spectral Witness', from which this novel is adapted. I have been writing screenplays for so long I forgot how much I love to play with words on the page.

This is professional coverage from 'Scriptapalooza' for the screenplay':

"As discussed before, the character work is solid, the protagonist Alex and her daughter Rose are both sharply drawn and feel like fully realized leads (the quick witted banter between mother and daughter is endearing and one of the script’s highlights). The small town is the ideal setting for a psychological thriller, setting grisly murders against a beautiful backdrop. The dialogue remains one of the strongest parts of the script (as mentioned above."

I hope you enjoy this book.

*Coming in 2013: 'Resonance': a young Search and Rescue technician, Rene, receives a heart transplant from his best friend and realizes from the memories that come from his new heart that his friend was the reincarnation of his little sister, who disappeared when Rene was a child.

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