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  • Appearances (A Short Story) on Oct. 12, 2013
    (no rating)
    Sorry, but you linked your short story One Day here instead.
  • Solstice Day Gifts (an Emperor's Edge Short Story) on June 17, 2014

    This is the first of this series I've read (somewhere around 7.5) yet I had no trouble understanding the characters and the backstory. Very well done to have accomplished this without be overly explanative. Most of it was done through the characters interaction.
  • Runo's Curse on Dec. 28, 2014

    Very satisfying read.
  • Seedling: A Short Story on Jan. 04, 2015

    Very well done.
  • Farseer on March 21, 2015

    Well written short story. I wish it had been longer.
  • Bride to the Sun on July 01, 2016

    Wonderful world building with an Asian flavor. An abundance of details without long passages of description. I loved the story just as much.
  • The Huntress on July 30, 2016

    Very good story. Well thought out.
  • Species of Sociopaths on Feb. 25, 2017

    Very interesting. It makes you think.
  • Evening's Secret on May 27, 2017

    Real people with real flaws and reactions and the story feels complete even being so short. I'm not sure why this is tagged as LGBT. The male character mentioned he loved another male character in the past but the story is about a man mentoring a girl.
  • The Watchmaker's Daughter on Jan. 08, 2020

    Very well done. I enjoyed it immensely.
  • Love Thy Galactic Enemy on April 03, 2020

    I loved it enough to get the other three books in the series. I just wish I had noticed the “Repelling the Invasion” on the book image and that this was book 4. I’ll start from the beginning this time.
  • Lover In Stone on April 10, 2020

    I reread this story frequently. I also have the second and third books, but this one is the most polished.