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Smashwords book reviews by Dick Young

  • Time Birds on Jan. 17, 2012

    Plot is good. Writing is competent. Interesting plot of near-future action/adventure against terrorists. Main complaint is that words are missing in text. Sometimes entire phrases or even a few sentences. The spacing is there, but the actual words are not. Needs a good edit/proofread for these. I downloaded the Kindle version, so I don't know if this flaw is present in other versions. Worth the price.
  • Tarayla on Nov. 27, 2012

    This is the kind of book that we don't see often enough today -- a good, solid Space Opera. Brings back good memories of the earlier days of Robert Heinlein or the works of Christopher Anvil, etc. Any fan of Military SCFI or just rousing adventure will enjoy this book. It is packed with good characterizations, exciting action, and told in a straight-forward writing style that keeps the plot developing at a fast pace while allowing a place for character development. The plot revolves around a group of characters who are placed into a desperate situation in a war gone wrong and must weld themselves into a team that can survive and accomplish despite circumstances largely beyond their control. All must contribute or perish. Anyone who has been in any military, or even read about it, can relate to the assorted characters and situations here. This book is suitable for teens and up and reflects the realities of military life without being unduly offensive. I truly wish more books in the epublishing world were as well done as this one. I don't think anyone will be disappointed.