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  • Clues Over Croissants on Nov. 11, 2012

    Allen Boyer has written a very good mystery/love story with this, his second book in the series. Both young people who think love is for the young only, and adults who don't think much about whether retirees can love again after widowhood will enjoy this story. As Bess, a retired police officer, roams the halls of the Honey Hills Retirement Center, she finds many small mysteries to solve, keeping her mind active and sharply honed. While taking advantage of the recreational opportunities and facilities at the Center, Bess finds and solves these mysteries, but also much to her surprise, finds a new love. She then struggles with the dilemma of whether she is giving up her allegiance to her departed husband in finding a new love after the good times they'd had over the years. Mr. Boyer demonstrates his understanding of the feelings and behaviors of retired seniors extremely well. He also makes their lives a real pleasure for all of the readers to enjoy. I hope this series of books will inspire children and grandchildren to visit their relatives in retirement centers much more often, and to truly appreciate the glimpse they'll receive of what their own lives could be in the future. This book was gifted by the author in exchange for an honest review. Dawn Edwards, Kindle Book Review