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  • Dear Editor: on Nov. 24, 2012
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    Book Review – “Dear Editor” Jorg Aadahl is a man of prolific opinions. For some time he has submitted his beliefs on a variety of controversial subjects related to the events of the day to the editors of various newspapers and other publications – mostly in the Bay Area. Since Jorg is not a man of few words, he has gathered his contributions, plus supplementary comments from others (both complementary and otherwise) into a challenging Ebook, “Dear Editor”. From politics, to religion, to economics, to circumcision and crossing guards, Jorg never minces words – laying it out there for all of us to peruse and debate. His intelligence, his extensive knowledge, adeptness with words, and his distaste for ultra conservatism all contribute to much interesting and provocative reading. He’s a regular encyclopedia of information about the issues that demand his attention. And he tells it like it is. Consider: “No matter how much religious zealots want it to be so, our nation was not founded on biblical principles…” Or, “After the national convention, it seems to me that the Republicans are getting so desperate that they are scraping the bottom of the scare barrel.” And, “To turn around and claim that tax deduction for those making more would create jobs is beyond stupidity.” Add, “I’m getting sick and tired of people writing about ‘socialism’ without having the slightest idea of what the word means.” One of my favorites: “Sarah Palin urges voters to go for Newt Gingrich in Florida. Thanks, Sarah, but I had no idea you were working for the Democrats, although you have done a lot for them in the past – just by opening your mouth.” Get the idea? Whether you agree with Jorg or not, share his political inclination, religious beliefs, or thoughts about social issues, reading “Dear Editor” will get your juices flowing and may even motivate you to titillate editors with some opinions of your own.