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Let me tell you a story, it goes like this…
"Once upon a time there lived a rat and a cat, they were very good friends, they lived happily in their wooden shack, they shared everything between themselves, when one of them got some food, he would share it with the other. One day the rat did something very bad, he annoyed the cat who then out of rage slapped him very hard, the rat was seriously injured by the blow and then died. That’s the end of my story…"
Yarn spinning is a skill that is deeply ingrained in our blood, we are descended from a long line of great story tellers, there is no story we don’t know how to tell, we always find time to amaze our audiences with great tales, both the contemporary and the legends of the old...

My old time friends Jiji and Kaki are the two fellows that have greatly influenced my writing and life at large, when you hear them speak you are led to think they know everything, Jiji was very good at debates, I don’t remember a single day when he lost a contest. Kaki on the other hand was a great story teller, I don’t know where he got his stories from, we simply enjoyed them, we never cared about his sources either, he had lots of them too. One thing I loved about this little fellow was that I never got bored around him. He would flood your ears with thousands of stories at a time and there is no single moment when he will tell you the same story twice. Jiji was somehow a fanatic. When there is a discussion then individuals get stuck at a point where nobody has any further information, all are ignorant, that’s when he jumps onto the dance floor, claiming he knows it all, I have never met anyone who loved arguments more than Jiji, even a simple discussion he would turn it into an argument. He had a strange way of convincing people to believe his claims, even though you had with you solid facts that proved him otherwise, you still couldn’t beat him...

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Words To Elate
Words to elate is a collection of Poetic essays that covers virtually every known topic on the planet. Its content is relevant to a wide global audience as its subject content stories are relatable to peoples of nearly all ages, genders, cultures and religions, the essays surely have something for everyone. The book is neither a poem, nor a song(comforting rhythms nor folk tales) or the common short stories our juniors like, but a wholesome buffet of the these elements of literary art. The book is partitioned into different categories or titles referred to as agendas, each one has its own different issue to address, the only thing that matters most, or as we would rather say assimilates across the titles is the tone, mood and atmosphere, though the titles have labelled agenda numbers there is no particular order in which the titles are arranged, a reader can begin anywhere, be it from the beginning, from the end, the middle or close their eyes as they pick the titles at random. The author highly recommends that any potential reader picks only one title that interests them the most and leave out the others if needs be. nevertheless your are welcome to peruse the pages of all the ti


The Captain of a Sinking Ship
Series: Words To Elate, Book 12. Price: Free! Words: 7,740. Language: Commonwealth English. Published: December 30, 2022. Categories: Essay » Literature, Nonfiction » Travel » Cruises
Going out to the sea every day is so perilous for a captain & his crew, he has to be super watchful & work with extreme professional efficiency, for the decisions he makes have long-term impacts on his crew and the people whom he carries the precious cargo for. He has to respond to emergencies on board at lightning speeds and with technical expertise, his mind is tormented by the thought of being
Why Can't We Just Be Good Neighbours?
Series: Words To Elate, Book 11. Price: Free! Words: 24,830. Language: Commonwealth English. Published: December 29, 2022. Categories: Essay » Political, Nonfiction » Social Science » Political science » Utopias
Right now any kind of direct warfare between the superpowers will surely reduce the globe into nothing but ashes. There will be no survivors in the fight let alone victors. There can be no winners in a nuclear warfare kind of confrontation, all the superpowers know this very well but they still continue squabbling like little infants fighting over a piece of ice cream. Someone needs to talk some
We Shall Serve You No More
Series: Words To Elate, Book 9. Price: Free! Words: 19,720. Language: Commonwealth English. Published: December 29, 2022. Categories: Essay » Sociology, Essay » Literature
today there are estimated tens of millions of people living their lives through some form of modern day slavery, according to International Labor Organization. This number is shocking to many scholars because we thought that we were done away with this negative aspect of human nature a very long time ago. Yes, it is uncomfortable news to many but that is truth, slavery is still here with us and...
Show Me Some Lab Ethos
Series: Words To Elate, Book 5. Price: Free! Words: 14,990. Language: Commonwealth English. Published: September 27, 2016. Categories: Nonfiction » Science & Nature » Life Sciences / Genetics & Genomics
My son was once called a bright boy, our neighbors told me he is destined for greatness, now he has turned into an evil genius doing things I never imagined he could possibly do, his scientific experiments terrify me, last week I went to the countryside to visit my mother only to come back and find he had dissected all the six new-born puppies, when I asked why he performed such a cruel...
Hand Me That Take This
Series: Words To Elate, Book 4. Price: Free! Words: 16,080. Language: Commonwealth English. Published: September 27, 2016. Categories: Essay » Business, Nonfiction » Business & Economics » Motivational
There is some form of barter trade that goes on behind our backs on a daily basis without us knowing it and still effective as it were many centuries ago. All modern day transactions and commerce systems have some features of barter trade deeply engraved into them, only those who know what they are doing get the best share of the market, while those who hope to be lucky and strike it rich fast end
So You Still Do That?
Series: Words To Elate, Book 6. Price: Free! Words: 7,740. Language: Commonwealth English. Published: September 27, 2016. Categories: Nonfiction » Inspiration » Personal inspiration
Once someone gets started with their plan or duty, they often move on smoothly at first, a time often comes midway when they begin to see the full scale of the responsibility that lays ahead, and feel the full weight of their duties then begin to think otherwise, they slow down and start contemplating second thoughts about continuing their journey, should they proceed or simply quit and move onto
The Laments of a Lumberjack
Series: Words To Elate, Book 2. Price: Free! Words: 24,540. Language: Commonwealth English. Published: September 27, 2016. Categories: Essay » Sociology, Nonfiction » Social Science » Feminism & Feminist Theory
A lumberjack sits outside his log cabin, full of grief and resentment he weeps bitterly, he laments the loss of his recently wed beauty queen who walked out a few days ago and left him in the woods, the vivid memory of that day fills his heart with bitterness, he knows not what to say nor what to do, in his solitude he tries to figure out whom to blame, "could It be those nasty friends of hers...
Sweep Thy Planet
Series: Words To Elate, Book 10. Price: Free! Words: 12,550. Language: Commonwealth English. Published: September 11, 2016. Categories: Nonfiction » Science & Nature » Global Warming & Climate Change, Nonfiction » Science & Nature » Environment
A young couple turns their backyard into a dumpsite, they dig a hole in their compound upon which they dump both organic and inorganic waste, "we are many kilometers away from the city so we don’t have to pay for expensive truck lifting," they say unto one another, they come here on a weekly basis to perform their routine dumping, then proceeded to set the litter on fire, with time, the dumpsite g
Where is My Inkpot?
Series: Words To Elate, Book 3. Price: Free! Words: 23,170. Language: English. Published: September 11, 2016. Categories: Nonfiction » Reference » Writing skills
Big Valchi suddenly has something in mind that he thinks he should get down onto paper, he scrambles for a scratchpad, unfortunately he finds none, what's available on sight is only a tattered old piece of scroll turned brown from aging, he finds a pen, he scribbles a few words with it, when it quickly runs out of ink, he hurriedly tries to put his table in order as he thinks out these words, "the
Dazzling Riches
Series: Words To Elate, Book 7. Price: Free! Words: 10,730. Language: English. Published: August 6, 2016. Categories: Essay » Sociology
When someone shows off their wealth by adorning their bodies with jewels, driving flashy cars and going on expensive vacations, it sends one message, this fellow is not really rich, he may be owning only a few homes, and therefore tries to show off to his other neighbors that he is equally rich just as they are by weighing down his body with shiny jewels, if he was really rich, he won't be...
Techno Chimps
Series: Words To Elate, Book 8. Price: Free! Words: 13,200. Language: Commonwealth English. Published: August 6, 2016. Categories: Essay » Technology, Nonfiction » Computers & Internet » Digital media / general
Technology has gotten into the hands of the people we least expected, our kids and they appear to be more proficient and advanced than we are, they love all things that are techie, soon their capabilities in this high tech world will surpass that of our own while we sleep. Recently I was shocked to find an eight year old girl who owned a blog which she edited almost twice a week without the help..
What News Have You Brought Us Today?
Series: Words To Elate, Book 1. Price: Free! Words: 13,880. Language: Commonwealth English. Published: September 22, 2015. Categories: Nonfiction » General reference » Curiosities & wonders, Nonfiction » Social Science » Media studies
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Messengers are known to have been attacked for delivering bad news to their bosses and everyday reporters get attacked in their line of duty when gathering newsworthy pieces of information on behalf of the general public. Journalism is the only profession in the whole world where the primary job of the employees is to dig up dirt on others. Well nobody likes being publicly exposed however nice

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