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Don C. Harris (a/k/a Don Harris) is a former pastor who was plagued by an inability to accept the illogical explanations of traditional Christianity. He quit. For 23 years he traveled to all 48 contiguous states as well as to Alaska, Canada, Mexico, Nigeria and Israel looking for answers. What did he find? Questions.

Don discovered Jesus did not come to give us the answers; He came to teach us to think. If you have been turned off or turned out by traditional Christianity, you will find a refreshing approach to hearing the Word of God in Don’s books.

His nickname? The Eraser. His job, to clear the chalkboard for The Teacher. The ideas, ways and perspectives of Jesus often, if not always, surprised those in His audience. "You’ve never heard anything like this before!"

There are many false notions and ineffective ideas which must be considered in light of the red ink - the words of Jesus as recorded in the Scriptures. "What did Jesus say?" To see Jesus, to hear Jesus, to follow Jesus… we must Think Red Ink.

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New Release 10/2014 - "Think Red Ink"
The biographical journey of Don C Harris through traditional Christianity to find his way. The Scriptures say, “God’s ways are not our ways . . .” Don says, “We should find God’s ways and get in them!” This book discusses Don’s personal steps and mis-steps, discoveries, surprises and changes as he learned to apply the red letters of the Scriptures; he began to, “Think Red Ink.”
Who am I?
I am a former pastor, an insider who was privy to many of the escapades and shenanigans employed to build congregations calling it church; to build hope and call it faith. I quit. However, instead of tossing the whole package, I committed to an objective read of the Scriptures.

One day when I was demanding answers of God the tables turned; God became the inquisitor and I the examined one. As I answered His questions I came to a startling conclusion, "The Bible is ruining my religion."
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