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Don Nieve is a cat that has studied until third of the Degree of Psychology. He abandoned it, tired of a stupid, expensive, and changing educational system among other things ... But the main reason that led to the derangement, was the fact that his mind refused to study a lot of inconsistencies and ... bullsh ...
You can call him crazy, ladies and gentlemen, but he had understood by science, to Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry ... I do not know. I suppose the poor cat is nothing more than a romantic and an idealist ...
I imagine Psychoanalyzing is what he would have really liked ...

The achievements and professional experiences of Don Snow range from works, factories (foundry and refrigerated), warehouses and care.
He's a tough cat. He has almost always focused his energies on surviving ... in a legal and morally accepted way ... of course.
He is an animal self-taught, introspective, critical, cynical, and confident only of his abilities, as long as he has them ...: He is a gentleman! In love with who really can love.

Among the literary influences, very recently, guided by the theme of his thought and writing, Don Nieve has discovered Charles Bukowski and Herman Hesse. This kitten, much to its regret, would be like a mixture of the two. And I say very much to his regret, because he did not imagine becoming something that he intuited to be; that fact displeased him in his tenderest youth. It seems that reality and life chisele more than desires ...

It has satisfied its curiosity more or less superficially with the philosophers of always. He has also enjoyed writers like Marguerite Yourcenar, Jack London, Arturo bandini, Reverte, Isabel Allende, Milan Kundera, Céline ..., etc. They have made him laugh and cry often; being in many moments this company much more real and gratifying than the one of outside.

His manner of writing is direct, that does not leave indifferent ... He tries to write as he would have liked to be told things to him.

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