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  • Oxygen on June 29, 2012
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    I liked this book, but I would have loved it when I was 12 years old. The plot and the idea is exciting and fun: It reads like a screenplay; but, for me, the characters were synthetic. Why? Using the multiple point of view seemed repetitious: Kaggo and Valkerie could be the same person. There was no 'real' sexual tension and differentiation among the astronauts. In real life there is a strong differential, and just because these 'models' are super scientists, doesn't remove them from how the sexes interact and react to each other. They are human, not robots. This aspect is probably because of the Christian emphasis in the story. While most of us have at one time or another entertained the concept of God v. science; faith v. proof, we have deeply felt reasons as to why we 'choose' to believe, or not. The reader is never told why or when Valkerie is born again, which is a radical and emotionally charged personal experience. This aspect of the story is the 'root' of the romantic conflict between Kaggo and Valkerie. The best scenes in the novel are in the action, pacing, mystery and resolutions to the scientific problems. The authors' research showed. I am impressed, but then, I'm not Tom Clancy or a space junky. In all, Oxygen, is a thoroughly entertaining novel, like a fast paced action movie is entertaining. Save it for a boring afternoon when the surf is too low and slow.